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ADHOC Datatypes
Aug 15th, 2014

data storage types

ADHOC uses 8 datatypes to classify values. The types are:

  • Boolean – a simple true/false value.
  • Integer – a numerical value without a decimal. Depending on the target language, may have an upper and lower bound.
  • Float – a numerical value with a decimal. Depending on the target language, may have an upper and lower bound, and a degree of precision. [Read More]

ADHOC Node Types
Aug 15th, 2014

AST parsing types

An ADHOC project consists of a tree of nodes, each of which represents a logical concept in programming. There are 6 main types of nodes in ADHOC:

  • Action Nodes represent actions in the AOP model. They are generally composed of children that represent simpler actions. Actions belong to packages, and the root node for any project is always an action definition for the highest-level function of the project (e.g. “Run Web Server”). Once an action is defined, it can be used in other parts of the project. Some important system actions are already defined, and can be called from any project. Action definitions appear as green rectangles and action calls appear as blue rectangles.
  • Group Nodes are a way of establishing relationships between other particular other nodes. The “serial group” indicates that any actions within it always be performed in sequence, while otherwise, sibling actions can may be performed concurrently at the discretion of the code generation process. Serial groups appear as dashed gray rectangles around their children. [Read More]
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