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The Upgrade Saga
Jul 13th, 2014

aaaaargh! dependency hell linux servers

I just pulled in a commit my friend made to a project we’re working on together…

His commit seems good, but unfortunately, his code uses PHP’s mysqli class (introduced until PHP 5.3), and my home server runs PHP 5.1, so I have to upgrade PHP. Ok, no big deal. I’ve been wanting to get the latest version anyway. Oh, but, hmm… the PHP upgrade depends on a MySQL upgrade which needs a new version of the some databasing package I’ve never heard of. Whatever, I guess I’ll install that too, while I’m at it.

Uh oh. that package requires a string encoding utility I don’t have. Blargh. I guess I’ll install that and the few other utilities that come with it. Wait, what? Something in that mess was tied to openssh-server? Why? Ok, well, I do have openssh-server, so it should just be an easy upgrade, and that’ll be that… Ah, the upgrade to openssh-server requires openssh-client version 1.5.1, and I have version 1.5.3. That’s cute. [Read More]

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