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Terminal Color Support in Makefiles
Jul 21st, 2015

colors frustrating make project management terminal
Annual hours saved: 5

I just spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to have a makefile conditionally color its output depending on the current terminal’s level of color support. Long story short, there were a number of make idiosyncrasies that I wasn’t expecting / had forgotten about. So, for future reference, here’s a quick recap:

  • Conditional syntax requires parentheses when comparing evaluated (i.e. $(...)) values
  • Terminal commands are invoked using the $(shell ...) function
  • The default shell is sh, not bash, so echo evaluates escapes by default
  • During assignment, := evaluates immediately, while = does not
  • As in most terminals, un-assigned variables evaluate without error as empty strings

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WordPress Admin Theme
Jun 11th, 2015

colors config plugins WordPress

Here is a simple WordPress plugin for applying a dark color-scheme to the WordPress editing pane:


It’s a little raw, and I didn’t mess with the TinyMCE editor, so it doesn’t really make sense for “Visual” mode.

WordPress Admin Theme

Molokai for Eclipse
Jun 11th, 2015

colors development environment eclipse GUI java molokai syntax-highlighting

I’ve recently been working on a project based in Eclipse (*shudder*). But, I figured as long as I have to use a GUI editor, I might as well get some decent colors going. This was what I managed to put together:


It’s as close as I could get to a direct port of my Molokai theme for Vim. Unfortunately, while Eclipse supports reasonably robust color classes for the code editing panel, it is far less helpful in skinning the rest of the application 🙁

Molokai for Eclipse

Hex to ANSI
May 20th, 2015

ANSI colors conversion hexidecimal script terminal
Annual hours saved: 2

Gist – This is a pretty low-tech bash function to convert a hex color code (e.g. #f83a22) to an ANSI foreground or background color (e.g. \e[38;5;202m).

Jul 11th, 2014

bashrc colors config development environment fonts tmux.conf vimrc


I keep this repository for all my development environment config files. Whenever I start up a new Linux machine, the first thing I do is pull these files, and install them in their respective directories. This way, I can get up and running comfortably and quickly. Feel free to borrow whatever you like.

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