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Bash Dashboard
Apr 21st, 2015

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This is a simple dashboard that can run in your spare Tmux/Screen panes. You invoke it with a list of sub-panels you wish to include (e.g. news feed, email synopsis, weather report, system stats, etc.), and it will gather the data and fit it to the size of its pane. You can, of course, run it outside of Tmux, but it does take up the whole terminal, so unless you have multiple terminals natively (Linux/Mac), this is pretty limiting. [Read More]

ADHOC Updates – November 2014
Nov 8th, 2014

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written about ADHOC, and a slew of cool new features are in place now. In addition to a number of important bug fixes. [Read More]

Code Like I Do
Jul 9th, 2014

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It’s critically important to be comfortable in your development environment. Over time, I’ll post here some of the tips and tricks that work for me. I hope you can adapt some for yourself.

The Rule of 3

You should never have to solve the same problem three times, and this is especially true of your development environment. The first time you encounter an error, bug, inconvenience, or even a menial task, take a minute to catalog it’s nature and it’s details. The second time you encounter the problem, compare it to your cataloged notes from the first time and try to establish the most general case of problem. The third time you encounter the problem, write a script, create a macro, or build a system to solve it permanently. [Read More]

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