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ADHOC Changelog
Oct 14th, 2015

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pieman72 pushed to adhoc_front (Oct 15th, 2015):
Fixing mobile touch expand node issue.

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2014 Algorithm Completion Paper
Dec 26th, 2014

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The following is a transcript of a paper I wrote in late 2014 for Professor Aho’s “Advanced Topics in Programming Languages and Compilers” seminar at Columbia University. A PDF version of the paper is available here. [Read More]

Vim Vigor
Dec 16th, 2014

automatic refresh syntax-highlighting vim


Here’s a quick little Vim plugin for document refreshing. When I’m making changes to ADHOC, I like to see how they affect the generated code. Usually I have it generating to the same file repeatedly (“test.c”, for example). In that case, I could just run tail -f test.c, but then I wouldn’t get Vim’s helpful syntax highlighting. This plugin essentially makes Vim behave like tail -f. It sleeps for the specified duration (5 seconds by default), checks whether the file has been modified, refreshes it, if it has, and then calls itself again. Also, in my humble opinion, this plugin has the best name of all time.

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