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no image 🔗 QCL – A Programming Language for Quantum Computers
Sep 7th, 2016

Despite many common concepts with classical computer science, quantum computing is still widely considered as a special discipline within the broad field of theoretical physics. One reason for the slow adoption of QC by the computer science community is the confusing variety of formalisms (Dirac notation, matrices, gates, operators, etc.), none of which has any similarity with classical programming languages, as well as the rather ``physical'' terminology in most of the available literature.

no image 🔗 Lessons Learned from Software Rewrites
Sep 5th, 2016

The main service, called “Version3”, with all functionalities was implemented back in 2004, using Java and the EJB stack. All services talking to it were restricted to use Java, as the only integration point were the EJB clients. As time passed and development teams started creating systems using technologies other than Java, the company felt they needed a better solution, one that was agnostic to any programming language, so they decided to build “Version4”, a feature compatible RESTful implementation of “Version3”.

no image 🔗 Language Hacking in a Live Programming Environment
Sep 2nd, 2016

In grammar-based tools like Ohm and Yacc, the programmer writes grammars as well as semantic actions. While these are distinct activities that should be supported in different ways, the live programming principles above apply to both of them.

no image 🔗 Principles for Programming Languages for Learners
Aug 29th, 2016

The light and fluffy version of computer science—which is proliferating as a superficial response to the increased need for coders in the workplace—is a phenomenon I refer to as "pop computing." While calling all policy makers and education leaders to consider "computer science education for all" is a good thing, the coding culture promoted by and its library of movie-branded coding apps provide quick experiences of drag-and-drop code entertainment. This accessible attraction can be catchy, it may not lead to harder projects that deepen understanding...The typical coding apps don’t get at the heart of computer science. Instead they stay at the surface, teaching what is comfortable and catchy.

no image 🔗 Coding needs a new youth movement
Aug 22nd, 2016

Coder or not, at one point or another you’ve thought of tackling web design. Or mobile app development. Or database querying. Or something else from the evolving list of savvy, modern languages out there. (Yes, there are hundreds and hundreds.) For non-coders, the lack of control and reliance on developers plays into the pressure to pick up on at least some form of programming &#8212…

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