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1_20140130191124I’m a 27 year old MS student majoring in computer science with a focus on programming languages. My main interests are in language design, problem solving, and logic representation. This site has information about me, my projects, and various other odds and ends.

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And now… random puppies!
Aug 19th, 2015

dogs random

Every now and then, you need some.

Witch One
Jul 13th, 2014

funny homage random

Ostello: Gee, Cabbott, I uh… I just heard what happened, and that’s terrible.

Cabbott: Yes. Judy took the news particularly badly. She loved that cat.

Ostello: Don’t worry pal, we rounded up all the witches in the area, and they’re all lined up here. Go ahead and see if you can pick her out.

[Window lights up. Cabbott looks for a moment.]

Cabbott: Alright. I’m sure Witch One killed my cat.
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The Upgrade Saga
Jul 13th, 2014

aaaaargh! dependency hell linux servers

I just pulled in a commit my friend made to a project we’re working on together…

His commit seems good, but unfortunately, his code uses PHP’s mysqli class (introduced until PHP 5.3), and my home server runs PHP 5.1, so I have to upgrade PHP. Ok, no big deal. I’ve been wanting to get the latest version anyway. Oh, but, hmm… the PHP upgrade depends on a MySQL upgrade which needs a new version of the some databasing package I’ve never heard of. Whatever, I guess I’ll install that too, while I’m at it.

Uh oh. that package requires a string encoding utility I don’t have. Blargh. I guess I’ll install that and the few other utilities that come with it. Wait, what? Something in that mess was tied to openssh-server? Why? Ok, well, I do have openssh-server, so it should just be an easy upgrade, and that’ll be that… Ah, the upgrade to openssh-server requires openssh-client version 1.5.1, and I have version 1.5.3. That’s cute. [Read More]

Code Like I Do
Jul 9th, 2014

awesome development environment

It’s critically important to be comfortable in your development environment. Over time, I’ll post here some of the tips and tricks that work for me. I hope you can adapt some for yourself.

The Rule of 3

You should never have to solve the same problem three times, and this is especially true of your development environment. The first time you encounter an error, bug, inconvenience, or even a menial task, take a minute to catalog it’s nature and it’s details. The second time you encounter the problem, compare it to your cataloged notes from the first time and try to establish the most general case of problem. The third time you encounter the problem, write a script, create a macro, or build a system to solve it permanently. [Read More]

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