WordPress Admin Theme
Jun 11th, 2015

colors config plugins WordPress

Here is a simple WordPress plugin for applying a dark color-scheme to the WordPress editing pane:

It’s a little raw, and I didn’t mess with the TinyMCE editor, so it doesn’t really make sense for “Visual” mode.

WordPress Admin Theme

Molokai for Eclipse
Jun 11th, 2015

colors development environment eclipse GUI java molokai syntax-highlighting

I’ve recently been working on a project based in Eclipse (*shudder*). But, I figured as long as I have to use a GUI editor, I might as well get some decent colors going. This was what I managed to put together:

It’s as close as I could get to a direct port of my Molokai theme for Vim. Unfortunately, while Eclipse supports reasonably robust color classes for the code editing panel, it is far less helpful in skinning the rest of the application 🙁

Molokai for Eclipse

Bash Dashboard
Apr 21st, 2015

awesome development environment information linux system terminal

This is a simple dashboard that can run in your spare Tmux/Screen panes. You invoke it with a list of sub-panels you wish to include (e.g. news feed, email synopsis, weather report, system stats, etc.), and it will gather the data and fit it to the size of its pane. You can, of course, run it outside of Tmux, but it does take up the whole terminal, so unless you have multiple terminals natively (Linux/Mac), this is pretty limiting. [Read More]

Makefile (Git edition)
Mar 4th, 2015

development environment git make project management

This is a makefile template that contains the following Git directives: push, pull, commit, diff, merge, and branch.

It’s handy for managing a project under Git version control (especially a project with a remote origin).

Vim Vigor
Dec 16th, 2014

automatic refresh syntax-highlighting vim

Here’s a quick little Vim plugin for document refreshing. When I’m making changes to ADHOC, I like to see how they affect the generated code. Usually I have it generating to the same file repeatedly (“test.c”, for example). In that case, I could just run tail -f test.c, but then I wouldn’t get Vim’s helpful syntax highlighting. This plugin essentially makes Vim behave like tail -f. It sleeps for the specified duration (5 seconds by default), checks whether the file has been modified, refreshes it, if it has, and then calls itself again. Also, in my humble opinion, this plugin has the best name of all time.

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