ADHOC Updates – November 2014
Nov 8th, 2014

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written about ADHOC, and a slew of cool new features are in place now. In addition to a number of important bug fixes.

Probably the coolest new feature is that you can now jump to action nodes by their names with [CTRL]+[J]. This is particularly useful if you’re working on a large project, since the trees can get quite spread-out. Also, when you go to jump, you are presented with a useful chart of just the actions in the program to further help with navigation.

I’ve also put in better support for arrays, like allowing them to be passed to the system/print() action. Their childDataTypes also propagate better now, and can be inferred from more contexts. Hashes need to come next, but they should behave pretty similarly to arrays.

Another front-end feature is tagging of nodes. With any node selected, you can press [ENTER] to see the node details, and from there, you can apply comma-separated tags to help identify a node’s class, purpose, etc. These may be used in the upcoming autocomplete feature.

Finally, I’ve extended the binary format to include more data. This won’t make an immediately visible impact, however, it will improve portability.

Stay tuned for more changes in the coming months. I finish up this semester of grad school, I should have more time to add cool stuff.

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