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Assorted Tech News

no image Pebble Launches A Preview SDK With Color Support For The New Pebble Time
Feb 26th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

The Pebble Time is still going strong on Kickstarter, but Pebble is already thinking about the device’s launch in May, and is accordingly making tools available early to help both existing and new developers target the platform. A new developer preview of the Pebble SDK 3.0 is now available, and it includes a software emulator that shows you how your apps will look on the Pebble…

no image Apple Hires Include Car Interior, Transmission, New Vehicle And Auto Safety Engineers
Feb 19th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

Apple’s car ambitions may go well beyond simply developing tech that benefits from automotive advances to serve its existing offerings. A new breakdown by 9to5Mac of the employees amassed under Apple’s automotive lead Steve Zadesky includes a list of talents that go well beyond skill sets which would be useful in building a better version of the dashboard infotainment software…

no image Robocoin SDK Lets Any ATM Accept Cryptocurrency
Feb 19th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

Robocoin released its first Bitcoin ATM nearly two years and today the company is announcing a software pack that enable any ATM or kiosk to accept, dispense or transfer money with Bitcoin. Called Coin SDK, the software pack is part of the company’s mission to bring the power of Bitcoin to the masses.

no image How Wearable Startups Can Win Big In The Medical Industry
Feb 19th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

As attention shines down on fitness trackers and smart watches, one of the biggest opportunities for wearable devices remains shadowed in the corner — medical wearables. Medical wearables present colossal opportunities, but they tend to frighten entrepreneurs and elicit polarizing sentiments from investors. As a healthcare and digital health investor, I am often asked my opinion on…

no image Omniref Adds JavaScript To Its Code Annotation Platform
Jan 27th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

YC-backed Omniref gave its code annotation and reference platform a big boost this week with the addition of support for JavaScript, the popular programming language used to make interactive browser-based apps and backend server code using libraries like Node.js.

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