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Assorted Tech News

no image Omniref Adds JavaScript To Its Code Annotation Platform
Jan 27th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

YC-backed Omniref gave its code annotation and reference platform a big boost this week with the addition of support for JavaScript, the popular programming language used to make interactive browser-based apps and backend server code using libraries like Node.js.

no image Nielsen Shows Kindle Unlimited Users Buy More Books
Jan 27th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

Amazon has been unsurprisingly reticent about sharing data about their Kindle Unlimited program, a subscription system that lets you download ostensibly free ebooks, mostly from Indie authors. Nielsen research is showing that users who subscribed to Kindle Unlimited spend more on books in general, on a monthly basis, than those who do not. Nate Hoffelder has done a bit of analysis and saw…

no image HelloSponsor Connects Brands With Local Events Looking For Sponsorships
Jan 27th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

While programmatic ads continue to reshape the web advertising landscape, the market for advertising at public events still lags behind. HelloSponsor, which just launched after going through AngelPad’s accelerator, is looking to modernize event sponsorship for brands by simplifying the experience and building up metrics so that they can measure the impact of their campaigns.

no image As Cloud Arrives On Main Street, We Need A New Set Of Metrics For Cloud SLAs
Jan 24th, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

A lot can happen in a year, and in the world of cloud computing, 2014 was a breakout one. Cloud adoption finally experienced a tornado of demand that swept up large enterprises en masse. Yet as businesses move services to the cloud and increasingly depend on 3rd party vendors, important questions should be answered around who is responsible for managing these services and how service…

no image 1.7 Million People Are Testing Windows 10
Jan 21st, 2015
From: Tech Crunch

Today at its Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced that its Insider program for Windows 10 has racked up 1.7 million users. Those individuals, according to the company, have created 800,000 pieces of feedback on some 200,000 topics.

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